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Keep your medical family connected to national news and resources, opportunities and advantages!

The AMA Alliance LINK was created for state and local alliance leaders. It has been so well accepted that distribution has been broadened.  We believe all members can find something of interest in this newsletter. You, as a member, are a community leader.

Our members serve as the volunteer voice for healthy families in their communities. Each member of our medical family helps with this effort through advocacy and education and a willingness to work as a team. This e-newsletter celebrates that commitment and recognizes volunteer efforts.  It also shares the experience and knowledge of our leaders among all members of that expansive network.  It offers articles, tips, resources and a connection to the medical community nationwide.

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Other AMA Alliance Publications

The AMA Alliance publishes activity books for children in kindergarten through third grade.  Creative exercises teach young readers about nutrition, safety, self-esteem and conflict resolution. The books help kids to focus on making healthy choices and make great gifts or classroom giveaways.
The AMA Alliance, in cooperation with the AMA, promotes Healthy Life Steps for medical families with these publications.

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