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Health Promotion Policy Grants

AMA Alliance Health Promotion Policy Grants (HPPG) provide seed money to county and state Alliances for programs or activities inspired by AMA Alliance health promotion policy.

The projects should provide ongoing opportunities for promoting the AMA Alliance and its mission to build healthier communities.


Applications must be received at least two weeks before your event.  Alliances are eligible for one HPPG award per calendar year.  Grant funds cannot be used to issue prize money or gift cards.

HPPG Program Objectives

  1. Fund projects that increase AMA Alliance visibility in a positive and proactive way.
  2. Fund projects that help put AMA Alliance policy into action by providing information or a service of value to your community.
  3. Fund projects that will provide opportunities for ongoing involvement in a discussion of topics that are important to the family of medicine.
  4. Include the spouses of resident physicians and medical students and medical society members in your project as sources of ideas and support for projects.

Apply Before Your Event

HPPG applications must be received at least two weeks before the event is scheduled to take place. In order to facilitate nationwide participation, each alliance is eligible for one HPPG award per calendar year.


Health Promotion Policy Grant Application (online form)

Health Promotion Policy Grant Application (printable form)
Complete an HPPG application, including description of program, description of how the program will promote AMA Alliance and county and state Alliance visibility, relevant AMA Alliance policy, and complete budget information.

Alliance members will be notified of applications that are incomplete. All incomplete applications must be completed within two weeks of notification of missing information or they will not be considered.

Grant applications must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the planned activity. Applications received for events occurring within two weeks of or after the event will not be considered.

How Projects Are Evaluated

The AMA Alliance will evaluate projects based on the information provided in the application and how well the project meets the objectives of the HPPG program.

Note About Grant Awards

Although applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, it can still take several weeks for an application to be approved, a check processed, and mailed to the project coordinator. Please plan ahead when requesting program funding.

Alliances are limited to one grant award per calendar year and funding is never guaranteed.

If you have any questions, please contact the AMA Alliance at 800-549-4619 or


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