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AMA Alliance Awards and Grants

Yearly, alliances are recognized for organizational excellence in health education, membership and advocacy with the AMA Alliance Prestige Awards. Award entry applicants and winners provide the ever expanding content for the Project Bank.


Health Promotion & Advocacy Awards

The Health Awareness Promotion Awards (HAP)
The Health Awareness Promotion (HAP) awards began in 1992 to encourage and to spotlight State and County Alliance programs and projects in support of AMA Alliance goals in health promotion. These awards are organized under community service, fundraising, and S.A.V.E. (Stop American Violence Everywhere) and are presented to alliance programs that make a stand out and make a difference.
HAP Award Submission Due Date- March 31

The Legislative Education and Awareness Promotion Awards- LEAP
The Legislative Education and Awareness Promotion (LEAP) Awards were initiated in 2002 by the AMA Alliance and AMPAC to recognize excellence in the legislative education and awareness programs and projects of State, County and Physician-in-Training Alliances throughout the nation. One award is given annually to a state Alliance, one to a county Alliance and one to a Physician-in-Training Alliance.
LEAP Awards Guidelines 2014
Online LEAP Award Entry Form -Award submission due date March 31

Membership Honor Roll Award
AMA Alliance membership promotes and supports Physician Family relationships in many ways. The Membership Honor Roll recognizes outstanding leaders who have shown great initiative and leadership potential. The Membership Committee identifies these individuals through written county and state submissions. Single award categories include: Outstanding Spark Leader- a member 5 years or less who shows great initiative and leadership potential and Outstanding Leader- an individual who helps further the mission of the AMAA.

Do you know a member to nominate? Submissions due by May 1st .

Membership Honor Roll Award information

Click here to see the 2015 Prestige Award Winners

Click here to see the 2013 Prestige Award Winners


Project Bank

The Encyclopedia of Public Health and Community Projects

Project Bank is a comprehensive tool for planning and implementing health promotion and advocacy programs in the community. This information bank contains explanations of projects that have been implemented by State, County, and Physician-in-Training Alliance’s throughout the country. These endeavors have provided positive change in health and wellness nationally and Project Bank is an invaluable resource to create successful projects and programs.

Current Project Bank Index

Community Service (CS)

Fundraising (F)

S.A.V.E. (Stop America’s Violence Everywhere)/Bullying Awareness (S)

Advocacy Projects  – Legislative Education and Awareness Promotion (LEAP)

Medical Association/Society Partner (MAP) Projects

Monthly National Health Observances

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