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P.I.T. Alliances

Sample bylaws for new county or RPS/MSS Alliances

(These bylaws are intended for use by Alliance in the early stages of organization. More established organizations with 50 or more members will want more detailed bylaws.)
Article I. Name
The name of this organization shall be the (name) Medical Society/Association Alliance
Article II. Purposes
The purposes of this Alliance shall be exclusively educational and charitable.They shall be:

-To assist in those programs of the (name) Medical Society/Association that improve
the health and quality of life for all people
-To uphold the programs of the (state Alliance) and the American Medical Association Alliance
-To promote health education
-To support health-related, charitable endeavors.

: The purpose of this group is to promote friendship and interaction as well as to provide emotional and social support among physicians and their spouses. The following events are organized by or contributed to on a yearly basis to help achieve these goals:
Welcome Picnic
Spouse Orientation
Christmas Philanthropy
Fundraisers will also be held during the year as needed to help support (name) in the cost of these events.

Article III. Advisory Council
The (name) Alliance shall be guided by the (name) Medical Society/Association.

Article IV. Membership
The members of this Alliance shall be: the spouse, widow or widower of a regular member of (name) Medical Society/Association; a physician, resident or medical student; the spouse of an intern, resident or fellow in a training program approved by the AMA; or the spouse of a student enrolled in a medical school approved by the AMA.

Article V. Dues
Annual dues shall be paid by all members. The amount of annual dues shall be determined by the general membership and shall remain in effect until changed by the general membership.

Article VI. Fiscal Year
The fiscal year shall be from (month/day) to (month/day).

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