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The AMA Alliance is a grassroots volunteer organization affiliated with the American Medical Association that’s dedicated to educating and advocating for healthier communities and lifestyles. Most of our members are spouses of physicians and physicians-in-training, and we include many physician-members who support and participate in our work in our communities. We are a volunteer organization for medical families.

If ever there were a time to activate as much support as possible for the family of medicine, that time is now! The AMA Alliance is the only nationwide organization that brings physician couples together. We address your unique interests and concerns, keep you up to date and provide an organized voice for your support of the physician(s) in your family and the future of medicine.

A regular member of the AMA Alliance may be any member of a physician or medical student couple, present or former, at least one of whom is a physician or medical student who is or was eligible to be a member of the AMA; or an individual physician or medical student who is eligible to be a member of the AMA

AMA Alliance dues accommodate membership depending on where you are in your life journey

$50 per year for regular members (practicing, retired or widowed physician and/or spouse/partner)

$35 per year if you and and/or physician spouse is up to three years past residency

$10 per year for medical student and resident physician spouses or partners, resident physicians or medical students.

Join now and begin to enjoy the benefits of belonging to the only national organization representing the family of medicine today.

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Credit Card Processing Phone Line: 1-855-605-PAID (7243)


Residents of Illinois, Oklahoma and Texas must go through the state Alliance to join. Please contact us at for more information about joining if you live in Illinois, Oklahoma or Texas.

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