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Membership Toolkit

Welcome to the Membership Toolkit- Resources for Medical Alliances!

The AMA Alliance is the only nationwide organization that brings physician couples together. We address your unique interests and concerns, keep you up-to-date and provide an organized voice for your support of the physician(s) in your family and the future of medicine.

The Alliance also provides tools, materials and programs that are easily accessible, addressing work/life balance and physician family wellness.

This toolkit was created to help state and county leaders increase membership at all three levels and follow AMAA dues collection guidelines.

What can the AMA Alliance do for you?

Group Dues Submissions

Dues Processing Resources:

Printable Dues Submission Form for Alliances
Online Dues Submission Form for Alliances
New Member Data Form
Affiliate Dues Submission Instructions

State and County Alliance Leadership Contact Form- input your state and county leaders annually with this form! (Download Microsoft Word version here)

Credit Card Processing Phone Line: 1-855-605-PAID (7243)

Membership Brochure Templates:

AMAA Rackcard

AMA Alliance Sample Brochure- Resident/Fellows

AMA Alliance Sample Brochure- Medical Students

AMA Alliance Newsletter/Flier

Recruitment and Retention Tools

Member Benefits

Retention Tips:

Tips from the Membership Marketing Benchmarking Final Report by Marketing General Inc. of Alexandria VA:

  • Associations with higher renewal rates tend to offer first-year discounts, but not multiple-year discounts.
  • Associations with higher renewal rates are more likely to use personal contact to engage and retain new members, such as new member receptions and welcome kits.
  • Associations with higher renewal rates are more likely to contact members regarding renewal with greater frequency, with 7-10 contacts being the most successful.
  • Successful associations are more likely to have immediate renewal plans in place after welcoming new members and tend to begin their renewal efforts sooner.
  • Associations with higher renewal rates are more likely to use personal renewal methods, such as staff phone calls, board phone calls, and peer member contacts.


Welcome Packet Ideas for New Members:

  • Map of the region with special places highlighted (may be obtained from the Chamber of Commerce)
  • Places of worship for all denominations.
  • List of Alliance-recommended restaurants for anniversary dinner, best margaritas…
  • Parks and Recreation information.
  • Discount coupons from local merchants, if possible.
  • Public and Private school calendars
  • Brochure from arts scene (theatre, symphony, galleries)
  • Information on local universities for continuing education
  • Food item from a local bakery or sweet shop
  • List of Alliance contacts (President, Membership Chair, etc.)

Guidelines for Working With The Medical Society
Membership Application (downloadable)
Online Membership Application Form

Online Membership Renewal Form

Sample Letters
All of the samples below can be co-branded with your county or state logo (or all 3!) as well as any specific project information to use in your membership development efforts. Please contact for further assistance.

Welcome Packet Letter
Sample Recapture Letter
MAL Recruitment Letter

Planning Tools

Sample Marketing Plan
Twelve Months of Membership
SWOT Analysis Tool

Installation Scripts

Installation Ceremony for States and Counties

Conference Evaluations

Click here for a conference evaluation survey

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