Belle Chenault Award

The Belle Chenault Award for Political Participation was established in 1990. It is awarded every two years by the AMPAC Board of Directors to the AMPAC/AMA Alliance member who has made significant personal contributions of time and talent in assisting friends of medicine in their quest for elective office at the federal and state level.  

The award was named for Belle Chenault, a former AMA Auxiliary member of the AMPAC Board of Directors, who encouraged political contributions on behalf of medicine. Belle Montgomery Chenault passed away on April 21, 2003. Her passion, courage and determination to serve the family of medicine lives on in those who strive to emulate her excellence.

Belle Chenault Winners

1987 – June Bratcher, Texas

1989 – Becky Smith, Florida

1991 – Marilyn Grundy, Alabama

1993 – Susie Tonymon, Texas

1995 – Annabel Woodell, Tennessee

1997 – Cathy Toledo, Texas

1999 – Patricia DeHaan, New York

2001 – Cheryl Dolan, Florida; Carole Thompson, Texas

2003 – Pat Hyer, Texas

2005 – Darlene Medlock, South Carolina

2007 – Barbara Trautman, Tennessee

2009 – Gay Bowman, North Carolina

2011 – Dee Talmage, Ohio

2013 – Donna Rovito, Pennsylvania

2015 – Kim Moser, Kentucky