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✓     AMA Alliance is the largest national organization representing the physician family

✓     The Physician Family Network embodies the medical lifestyle from the Training Years to Retirement

✓     Our members Unite, Connect, Support, Engage and Empower

✓     We are the Voice for physician families


The President's Message

Welcome to the AMA Alliance where MEMBERSHIP MOVES our MISSION!

We are physician spouse/partners that are actively engaged in areas of health initiatives, legislative advocacy, and philanthropy in our local, state, and national chapters. Join us! Develop friendships! We understand the special challenges of being married to medicine, and we invite you to join our community as we continue to support physician families at all stages of their medical journey from training years to retirement.

The Alliance has a rich legacy of Mission, which stands at the core of our organization; one of causes that work to effect societal change in areas we can and do make a difference. Learn about our national initiatives in the fight against Opioids and Physician Burn-out; each timely and important concerns, affecting all of us. Read more

The 2018 Annual Meeting was a Great Success! Thank you to Annual Meeting Co-Chairs Grace Wellman and Marty Vibul. Click here for post meeting information and photos.

Benefits of Membership

Connect with a Network of People
Who "Get It"

The AMA Alliance provides tools and resources for today’s member with a special emphasis on the stages of physician family life, the Training years, Midlife Practice, and Retirement. With over 90 years of experience, the AMA Alliance connects physician families around the nation and offers personal development seminars, workshops, events, and an array of discount programs that delivers savings not available elsewhere.

Physician Burnout Resources

One of the concerns in the Alliance community is the growing incidence of physician stress and burnout. To learn more about this issue and for some tips on how to help the physician in your family, click here.

Prescription Opioid Misuse Epidemic materials now available for purchase!

For more information and to purchase DVDs, brochures or postcards, follow the link here

AMA Alliance Strategic Plan
The AMA Alliance is proud to share our Strategic Plan 2015-2018. This plan will continue to drive the organization forward as we UNITE and EMPOWER physician families.

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Welcome to the AMA Alliance

Physician Family Magazine - Summer 2018 Issue: Making A Difference


A national day of celebration and recognition of our dedicated physicians and the continuous quality health care they provide, ensuring the respect and dignity of his or her patient, without regard for their own personal needs. To promote re-engagement and connection with colleagues, friends and families, in the understanding that self-care is a necessary part of caring for patients.

Suggested Activities for your joint local Medical Society and Alliance event:

  • Family picnic or potluck
  • 5k Family walk fundraiser to celebrate and honor Physician Families and their value to your community and bring awareness to Physician Burnout
  • Wine tasting or other celebration with other physician couples
  • Museum outing, local Zoo, or other organized family-friendly community event
  • Organize a group dinner, such as a lobster bake, fish fry or barbeque and have games available for the kids, young and old.
  • Apple or blueberry picking
  • Pool party
  • Beach activities: Sand castle contest, swimming, relaxing
  • State or National park family adventure: Hiking, camping, star-gazing
  • Exercise or Cooking class

Member Council Launches Centennial Club
In anticipation of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the American Medical Association Alliance, the Member Council has created the Centennial Club as a way to honor both the legacy of this great organization and the members who have sustained it. Click here for more information.

2018 Southern Regional Conference - Register Today!

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